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Lesson 1 in HUD Design

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Creating a heads-up display (HUD) begins with understanding what exactly a HUD is and what it's intended to do. In this first lesson, Ash will cover some of the most common questions and roadblocks faced when designing HUDs, and simple tricks on how to solve them. You'll analyze various HUDs from films and games, break down the stages and components, and begin sketching assets to use in later lessons.


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when elements change shape or color a game hud, do you create those animation for the developers or you leave it to them. if you create the variations, how do you submit the final work, in one file or many files based on the variations?

Hi, All! Has anyone else attempted to upload a video? I originally uploaded to Vimeo's website, then when I uploaded to the LearnSquared site, it tells me that my video must be of type: 'video'. The LearnSquared site asks for a URL which is the link I provided for my Vimeo video, but nothing happens (except that message above).

I also noticed that users are required to upload a banner as well. Tedious work it seems. I hope my grumbling can help out with the site. Happy Learning!


Hi LearnSquared. The focus of this first lesson seems to be based around video games. As a result I am building assets and ideas around a 1st person shooter (my main objective of this class was more in the realms of building for tv and film). Will be be continuing to use the HUD we are building in this first lesson throughout the entirety of the class. Will I be using this HUD I am building now to animate in After Effects (on the next course). Or will we be building HUDs for films in later lessons? Thanks

Hey Ash, I think it's awesome that you ask us to set up a schedule with review dates (in the video Design Planning). I never do this with my personal projects and that's probably why I never seem to finish them. It is tricky to outline without knowing the full HUD design process though.

Hi Thorp and all other Participants of the course. I’m also still listening at the getting started videos. One question evolves out of all the industry related subjects:
I' working as a freelancer mainly in area of TV Design and advertising spots. Working and Project periods for that are pretty short compared to major film productions.
Thorp, how to you calculate a bid? Do you work on the base of shifts or on a flat-rate base. It would be also interesting if these calculation differ at pre-and postproduction.
Thanks for your efforts, Marc.

Taking the course now and my first step is to just listen through the lessons and understand what Ash says then apply after listening to the lesson.

Because I’m listening on mobile, it would be awesome if there was a mobile version of Learn Squared for me to easily rewind or use normal function of the media player.

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