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Homework: Assignment


Update 8.14: I made the aqueduct environment as a personal challenge/to dip my toe in the more advanced HW + extra credit. I built the aqueduct in SketchUp, and used that program to figure out the shadows. Of course I am far from actually being advanced, but am fairly pleased with the result.

[Week 1 HW. Tried exploring different sketching styles, but I have difficulty loosening up and working quickly. I tend to get absorbed in studies and perhaps overwork them, or miss the point of a sketch(?)]

Hi, my name is Brenden, and I aim to be a concept artist specializing in environments in 5 years time (I'm hoping that, after about 9000+ more hours of practice, I'll be good enough to work professionally).

I've put in about 1000hrs of practice over the past 2.5 years, but have been quite inconsistent with the amount of time I've devoted each week (ranging from 50hrs a week to 0. Currently averaging around 10, due to work, but I have a plan to boost that to 40-50hrs/wk this Fall).

Constructive criticism and/or study tips/exercises would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Brendan,

I like the study of the lake because you've broken down the values of the piece- could be worth trying to manipulate the composition so it reads better? i.e. strong fg, mg and bg, continuity through the image and strong focal point.

The study of the building is great. It feels like you really understand the form.

The final study of the trees is good because you've identified the primitive cylinders and put them into perspective well. Some of the cylinders feel a bit lazy on the roots etc so really observe them.

Hope this helps

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