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Equipment and Lighting

Lesson 2 in Artistic Portrait Photography

Lesson Information

With an understanding of key photography basics, in this lesson, Jingna will walk you through a range of studio essentials, a variety of lighting tools and their effects, as well as the characteristics of light when positioned and used in different environments and settings.


Create 5 images with 1 light as setup. Demonstrate your understanding on how to create different lighting by varying up factors such as the lighting modifier, position of light, bounce, fill, etc. If you didn’t use a model in last week’s homework, start shooting with a model. 

Record your setups, such as by drawing simple light diagrams and labelling distance from ground and from subject. Camera and light settings, and environment/ambient light etc. 

Extra Credit

1. Incorporate different design elements and principles in assignment photos.

2. Create 1-3 light studies for the mood of what you want to shoot for your artistic portrait project for this course.  



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Hi Jingna, this lesson is amazing! Thank you for making it! Just a small question. I've downloaded Lesson 2 files and found no content in the folder '01_From_Instructior'. I'm not sure if it's just me or some content is missing.....

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