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Homework: Assignment


This video is a short narrative about time. An imaginary sea creature is seemingly all alone, deep at the bottom of the sea. To attract a mate in the dark void it flashes its best and most imaginative patterns of light, but with each attempt the creature expends part of its life force. Finally, down to it's last grain of energy, a mate appears. The two rejoice, syncing up their patterns in celebration at having found each other, but the celebration uses up the last of the creatures life force and it passes away, floating upwards in a bittersweet ending.
In an abstract way I've been thinking of the piece as an allegory on the relationship of creating artwork and the time it costs us. The creatures are shaped like hourglasses to make this connection visually. This is literally represented by grains of energy falling from the top half of the creature to the bottom like the sand in an hourglass with each pattern it creates. To me this element adds some tension to the narrative and reinforces the thematic nature of the piece. Hopefully in the end I can creates something that is visually beautiful but also has a clear narrative.



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