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Homework: Assignment


Nice to meet you everyone!
My name is Jeejung and this animation took me a good 5 months to reach to this point.
I want to inform you that the uploaded piece is a backbone of the animation. It is not completed-The color is totally undone. There is no lighting applied yet. No texture. No secondary animation whatsoever. These are all of the mile-stone steps I need to get into.
I wanted to show you just the animation, transitions and the storyline.

Below is a description of sort of what I wanted to express in the piece, in a nutshell.

A 2d animation inspired by the rhetorical question of “Who are we and where are we moving toward in this life?” and symbolism; both a quest for yearning for self-realization and universal connectedness through the experience of physical and spiritual practice.

Please please feel welcome to give me feedback.

_Dear Universe_Jeejung Kim_0427


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This is really really great Jeejung. I particularly fell in love with the transitions you envision at around 1 minute. Huge props to you for such an ambitious project and not giving up even after 5 months!

Couldn't recommend enough to go and tweak the things you mentioned and make it an incredible piece!

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Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement, Jorge! It means a lot to me :)
I finally entered the stage where I am apply some secondary movements and it's really fun (and butt aching since I am sitting on a chair for hours!)
I will post this animation again when I feel it's the right time. Have a lovely day, Jorge!

Excellent piece, love the reveal at the end. One thing is at 25s the animation there doesn't seem to match the rest for the vid's smooth animation. I know it's tricky with that piece of music and trying to get the balance there between the animation and the audio. Also really love the part at 0:59 there is a weight and balance there that's just amazing. well done

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My dear..! Thanks for the feedback. I honestly didn't think anyone will watch this piece when I posted this animation but here am I reading your comments and feeling so happy. Yes. This big baby needs a lot of tweaking to be done and I will def. have your comments in mind. Please feel welcome to throw in more...
Have a lovely day Michael!