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Multi-scatter Tool

Lesson 2 in Houdini Procedural Foundations

Lesson Information
Using randomization, you can create organic-looking scatter patterns in your scene. Adam will show you how to inherit properties from an object’s surface, and how to use textures to influence its appearance. By the end of this lesson, you'll have created a tool to distribute and render millions of complex objects with ease.
To prepare for next lesson, build 8-10 low-poly models to be used in the creation of a greeble asset for Lesson 3.
These models must use UVs, have a cohesive design to feel like they're part of a whole, and should have good, clean topology - try for quads only.
Extra Credit

Figure out a procedural system that makes the models for you, using only a random seed value to change the model.


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Thank you for the class , i'm trying my best to follow it and it's all good . but the problem is that you MUST understand Houdini to be abel to use it and that's what I personally feel is lacking in this class .
I don't understand why he is focusing at promoting so many parameters all the time which is confusing for beginners and not explaining what these nods that he using inside the VOP attribute for example and what they do. it feels like he forget that he is actually supposed to be teaching Houdini instead of just replicate a project fast and not explaining what he is doing while he sounds bored while he is doing it .
If the class about teaching Houdini for starters he could done everything he did way simpler with bit of explaining what the nodes that he is using doing . instead of just " i'm gonna promote this and that /and it happen i know this and it happen i know that / and i'm just gonna put this node here and that there " .

Thank you.

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Unfortunately, I totally agree. I have about 3 other homies trying to transition to Houdini aggressively and we spend more time on youtube and forums because this video is not loaded with instruction to learn, only instructions to copy. I have no idea how the logic of expressions really works. I can only copy and paste what Adam is doing. Where is he getting these values to create these equations? A wrong slight of characters and nothing works (because he doesn't teach logic and application)... this is very frustrating to create something on my own. So I just copy and paste what Adam is doing. The end... rant over... I still love this class though! Adam is incredible and I can feel a power shift in my work so I can't wait to finish this course and post my progress!

Copy Stamping is no longer recommend as of Houdini 16, instead use a For Each Loop to vary incoming geometry when copying to points. See these pages:

Syntactically its very similar to the video:
Wire your attribute create into the start of a For Each Loop.
Put a "Copy to Points" node inside the ForEach Loop with the 1st input attached to the delete node and the second attached to the Loop input.
On the "foreach_end" node set Piece Elements to points.
On the delete node change the "group" argument to: _input_`point("../foreach_begin1", 0, input, 0)`

OR instead of using a delete node put the _input_`point("../foreach_begin1", 0, input, 0)` expression into the "source Group" param of the copy to points node.

For the Tab Hide When entry the syntax is weird. For the OR function, use something like the following (two 'pipe' symbols, ||, is typically used, but not here) :
{ scatter_type == 0 } { volume_method == 0 }
For the AND function (two 'and' symbols, &&, is typically used, but not here):
{ scatter_type == 1 volume_method == 1 }

Lesson Plan