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Homework: Assignment



Additional images processed from Concept 02.
Final movie poster-styled images from"Ghost in the Shell" photographic tribute shoot. NR

(re-uploaded to fix a typo - sorry)


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Nice work! I like how meticulous you were with the whole production process. Going beyond to do the tribute plus layout is super cool! I'd say concept #2 definitely comes off stronger and more put-together compared to the earlier concept 1. #1 could do with stronger styling and hair directions more suited for fashion if that's what you're going for. Overall it's very good set for first attempt with controlled lighting. Keep shooting!

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Thanks so much Jingna, your feedback is most appreciated and also confirms some of my own thoughts after the first shoot. I'll be definitely paying more attention to styling and wardrobe when I get the opportunity to shoot again.

I really enjoyed learning about the planning and pre-production stages from your course and probably spent more time on research and pre-production than anything else. I guess my concepts and homework were always going to be more "Graphic Portrait Photography" than "Artistic Portrait Photography" as originally envisioned... too much of a graphic designer/sci-fi geek in me to create anything else!