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Homework: Assignment


Kill Bill

This is meant as a title sequence at the end of the movie as recap of the characters and showing some of the key moments in the film. I used a minimal style of design which stylized each frame.

I started off by watching Kill Bill for the umpteenth time as it is one of my favorite Quinton Tarantino movies. Each shot is so well framed I borrowed some from the movie while creating my own versions or angles.

Sketching out quickly what was in my head while I was watching was key in the style and the direction and what I wanted to do with each board.

I used Lato Extra Bold. I modified the font in Illustrator by converting the titles to paths and applying a roughen edges. I further modified each title by "cutting' and "slicing" through the first letters, moving them slightly.

Board 1:
The Bride

Board 2:
Vernita Green lying on her kitchen floor with the cereal spilled on the floor after using a concealed gun in the box.

Board 3:
Elle Driver as she walks towards The Bride in her room. Red Syringe, red umbrella and a red cross on her eye patch which is iconic.

Board 4:
Bill's hand holding his Hattori Hanzo sword.

Board 5:
Gogo Yubari as she walks down the stairs swinging her Meteor Hammer.

Board 6:
Gogo's meteor Hammer flying through frame.

Board 7:
Iconic bike scene with Yellow and black jump suit. I used the helmet as the stripes become a transition into her yellow Asics.

Board 8:
The Asics pattern becomes the highways in Japan and we see the bike from above.

Board 9:
O-Ren Ishii slicing off a bosses head for question her Chinese and American heritage.

Board 10:
One of the Crazy 88's foot on top of the glass floor with the stone garden.

Board 11:
The fatal strike and blood splatter of O-Ren Ishii on the snow.

Board 12:
The Bride standing after defeating O-Ren Ishii.
* I did make a choice to design O-Ren Ishii around the shape of Japan.


2001: A Space Odyssey

Being a huge Stanley Kubrik fan and seeing that there are literally thousands of minimal designs for 2001 I thought I would take a couple of hours to make my own rendition. This was purely for the fun of it :)


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