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Homework: Assignment


This, and any architecture sketching and painting is so out of my comfort zone. So I mostly messed around with the basics, trying to learn as much as I can, making countless mistakes and then tried correcting them. The second sketch took me WAY more than 20 minutes, that's why I only have one :') Any critiques and tips are always greatly appreciated :)


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It was good start...and ur deconstruction part was so are few thoughts ,for first few sketches don't keep time limit learn and understand the process deeply make lot of sketches .try different perspective ..dont go detailed phase at the blockout ( basic forms ) and check whether everything is in perspective would be cuts,tapers..blocking shadow by doing these you would gain much confidence....after lots of practice, the time limit sketches....this will improve u Maceij said ( how to draw by scot and Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling are some good resources to keep follow along with this course......hope this helps you..

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oh I just saw the sketch was pretty weirdly cropped during the upload I guess :/ I checked out how to draw, I'll have to go over it again, but not Perspective Made Easy, that one looks great as well! Thank you for the tips Sathish! :)