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Hardsurface Sculpting

Lesson 2 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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The first step is often the hardest. Here, Jama will show you how to sculpt various objects using voxels in 3D-Coat. You will learn all the techniques and tools needed to sculpt things like vehicles, props, and environments.


Create a hardsurface sculpt in 3D-Coat using the techniques covered in this lesson.


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Yes, i will spend all my times for these thing.
And your teaching videos are great for me, but when i started, i watched each video and practice the tool that you mentioned in the video. it means i re-created everything you made in that video, when i finished it, i moved to the next chapter.
So there are some thing you didn't mention in the video but you used it for making demo prop.
For example:. in the chapter 2 - Resolution and Bevels, you use Extrude tools with Vertex Normal mode, i didn't know that, i just used extrude with its default mode (average normal) - so i could not create the thing that you made in the video. i must paused the video and saw everything on your screen and looking for what was different with me, and i saw that mode :)). That was a really hard time, haha.
But i think i must change the way i learn, i will watch all the video firstly (because you mentioned that in the Extrude chapter) before practice each chapter. That is just my little thing during studying.

In the first lecture - you gave us a workflow: Brief - Silhouette - Stencil - .... In this lecture - we still use that workflow or is there any special one for Hard surface prop design ?

Wow, i wrote alot :)), hope you can understand what i want to say T^T - sorry if my English is not good.
Thank you Jama for everything you did !

Hey Jama, first of all thanks for this awesome course, learning A LOT from this.

Quick question, when I select something with the pose tool, sometimes the "3 axis thing" does't show it correctly to move up or down, its like in diagonal, I saw in your hard surface tuts that you press a hotkey to fix this, could you tell me wich one is? I hope you understand my point, I'm argentinian hehe


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