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Hard-Surface stuff


Homework: Assignment


Okay so as you can see i deciced to make 2 main designs since i was already happy with what i had.
at the beginnng i wanted to make some satellite kinda robot, but ended up being too influeced by what Lars did, i tried to gather a lot of references but i found out that only canada made that one robot with arms, also my satellites where too much insect looking.

So i've decided to completely change subject and make some kind of military vehicle.

The small one is supposed to be a support vehicle for desert environment, with a medium sized tank in the back to contain water or fuel, the robot also can be used to carry heavy loads, and it has small arms in the front to pick up heavy stuff, small turret on the front and a smoke defense system.

The "big" one is more of a sentile kinda thing, with a Huge radar in the back, allowing it to discover the enemy position, and a turret in the front for abushes.

Homework: Process

Old design ideas (not good)

didn't really like how these turned out

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Thats quite a workload and a lot of interesting designs to draw inspiration from. Love the proportion fix for the very top image. Certainly sets you up very very well for the future lessons!