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Photography Basics

Lesson 1 in Artistic Portrait Photography

Lesson Information

Starting with the fundamentals, Jingna will walk you through the equipment required for this class, an introduction to photography and camera basics, as well as the key elements of photography important in image creation.


1. Read up on design elements and principles to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic. (See reading list for design elements and principles.)

2. Take 5 shots of any subject matter and incorporate what you have learned about photography basics.* 

3. Take 5-10 shots of any subject matter and incorporate design elements and principles, and label each.* 

*Incorporation of elements can either be individual or multiples ones at the same time.

Incorporate human subjects for the photography exercise. 


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hi jingna Zhang, I am studying the homework notes and links. some of the links are expired or have been removed.. the first three links in the photography basics and also the first link in the lighting techniques aren't working, is there any way to another link with similar information that I could get from you? much love

Hello! I'm struggling finding the NOTES section listed below in order to find the reading list. My interface doesn't show three dots, or look much like the one in the image below, for that matter. Has it been moved, I wonder? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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