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Various Light Setups

For this assignment I've kept previous tools (Blender 3.0 + Octane), adding Photoshop for slight colors processing.

Homework: Assignment


When making first assignment I've been challenged by using only one mid-quality model, purpose of this was to find more interesting angles to work with & push myself to explore nature of light more.

Credits for model "Lacoon and his sons" to Rigsters from Sketchfab

Homework: Extra Credit

Extra Credit

For extra task I've used model of Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077, and lit it accordingly to a reference I found; I utilized 4 light sources.

Credits for model to CD Project Red

Homework: Additional Content

Extended Study

As for the last task, I had to texture and lit a model of Kthulhu, and create a few styleframes with it. I made 6 styleframes, and used 6 light sources total, including two for rimlights, to put more focus on the head of Kthulhu.


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