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Homework: Assignment

City Street Substance

The road to understanding Designer better.

My vision was to create something that I would be proud to place on my portfolio. Honestly going through this on my own and looking back at the process helped me get a
better understanding as to how to subjectively look at my references. This does tile by the way I just realized I made the sidewalk larger than needed however with some tweaking
I can just adjust the base shape and this will be fine.
- What I found difficult is making intricate designs when it came to the manhole cover/sewer. I want to do more with that element. I'll do more practice. -
On a positive note, Javier's course really was worth the time. I see myself coming back to this just to get an understanding as to why he goes through his process the way he does.

Homework: Process

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Looks great! when I read "What I found difficult is making intricate designs when it came to the manhole" I also found this part difficult when thinking about intricate designs! I fired up photo shop, made a black 1024x1024, and then just made a white intricate shape, sky's the limit, and then dragged and dropped that png into the graph editor and by passed blended all the shape nodes together to try and make an intricate design.