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Lesson 5 in Vehicle Concept Art

Lesson Information

This lesson is where all your work comes together- you will take your vehicle model and integrate it into a set of final paintings. This will involve first sketching out designs for your keyframes, then using a mix of 3D modeling, painting and photobashing to bring those frames to life. 

Rough Keyframes

Paint 4 keyframe sketches. Don't worry too much about polish for these, just focus on composition, lighting and storytelling. 

Render Your Frames

Your sketches have defined how your keyframes should look, so now you can render them in Octane. Try creating custom props or assets for at least one of your keyframes. 

Pencils Down

Bring your keyframes to their finished state in Photoshop. No need to rush, take as much time as you need to explore your style and approach. 

Once they're ready to be shared, post your keyframes on the Learn Squared site to show off your hard work! 

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